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TMJ & Facial Pain Center
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Examination ::

The purpose of our examination is to diagnose the cause of your problem and recommend necessary treatment. If you have a TMD problem, our goals will be to: A) support and reduce stress to your jaw joint, B) reduce inflammation within the joint, C) relieve muscle and joint pain, D) stablilize the joint, E) restore function and motion.

The examination begins with a thorough review of patient history. We examine the bite, muscles of the jaw, and test for nerve sensitivity. The temporomandibular joints are checked for tenderness, swelling and joint noises. We will also evaluate the movement of the jaw and neck. Computed Tomograpy of the temporomandibular joints is used to accurately examine bone irregularities, joint alignment and joint mobility.

Following the examination, Dr. Walz will outline and explain his findings. Treatment recommendations are presented and the patient's questions answered. We want the patient to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding his or her condition and recommended treatment.

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