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Nerve Pain ::

When a nerve that innervates a structure develops inflammation or becomes hyperactive, a false pain signal may be sent to the brain. The symptoms may include numbness, muscle weakness, muscle tremors, burning pain, electrical like pain, sharp stabbing pain, dull throbbing pain, radiating pain or shooting pain. The pain can be constant or intermittent. The pain can vary from mild to extreme. The pain may last for hours, minutes, seconds, or days. The pain can be triggered by various stimulations such as touch, temperature, movement, or air flow. The pain can move from one nerve branch to another or spread along a nerve route.

The diagnosis of a neuropathy can be confusing, complicated, time consuming and demanding. When dealing with a difficult pain in the head region that does not have an obvious cause, the patient and the doctor need to refrain from irreversible procedures such as tooth extraction, root canals and surgery until an accurate diagnosis can be made. It may be hard to accept that the site of the pain may not be the source of the pain. However, chasing a false pain signal or phantom pain can lead to multiple failed procedures creating no benefit and possibly creating a new pain or even increasing the original pain.

A dentist trained in the evaluation of head region neuropathies can provide appropriate testing and diagnosis for the patient to finally uncover the root of the problem. The dentist can then begin the process of managing and healing their condition. Dr. Walz has the training and expertise to provide you with a diagnosis regarding your pain and course of treatment.

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