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TMJ & Facial Pain Center
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Treatment ::

There are five major factors to evaluate in the treatment of jaw disorders.

  • Condition of the jaw joints
  • The way the teeth fit together (occulusion)
  • Clenching or grinding habits
  • Condition of the head and neck muscles
  • Stress: both physical and emotional

Treatment is divided into two stages

Stage One treatment is designed to...

Eliminate Pain, provide for optimal joint function based upon your condition, stabilize jaw position, and normalize muscle acivity. Stage one treatment may involve one or more of the following: Oral Orthotic Appliance Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sleep Regulation, Home Exercise Program, Joint Mobilization Therapy, Medication Regimen, Diet Instructions, Airway Management Therapy, Proliferation Therapy, and Pain Control Injection Therapy.


Stage Two treatment is designed to...

Maintain the results of stage one treatment. Stage two treatment needs will be determined at the completion of stage one and may involve one or more of the following:
Wearing the orthotic appliance only at night, adjusting the bite by recontouring of the teeth, correcting bite problems with dental treatment, orthodontics , wearing the orthotic at night and for selected hours each day.


Our office provides the latest in state of the art equipment as well as treatment modalities such as custom made orthotics, also known as splints. A splint is a device which holds parts of the body in a position to promote healing. A craniomandibular orthotic, or bite splint, temporarily repositions the jaws so that the supporting structures are in a more harmonious relationship. Each appliance is custom made to treat the patient's specific condition. As pain decreases and the muscles relax, the splint is adjusted to fit the resulting changes in the bite.

In addition to the splint, other treatments may be necessary to fully resolve the patient's symptoms. These treatments may include medication and physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, E.G.S. (electric galvanic stimulation), Iontophoresis and massage therapy. These modalities may be administered to the joints, muscles, ligaments, or other pain sites contributing to the patients complaints. They are administered on the surface of the skin to reduce pain and swelling.

Occasionally, for areas which do not resolve with the conservative management outlined above, injection therapy may be considered. Injections consist of a mild local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent. These are administered in our office. Surgery is rarely required, and we strongly encourage non-surgical management.

Additional Forms of Treatment

We offer the patient help with home exercise programs, joint mobility and flexibility training, joint noise reduction exercise, sleep regulation therapy, relief from snoring or sleep apnea, specialized pillow, diet and nutritional training.

We emphasize a multi-disciplined approach to treatment. We work with your doctors and keep them informed of progress. Our treatment philosophy is conservative and non-surgical. Our staff is dedicated to provide quality care and exceptional service.

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